Did You Know….

That if you have an old blood stain in your clothes, that you can soak it in hydrogen peroxide and it will come right out! I have found that it works great with almost all fabrics and it also helps if you wet the stained area in hot water before putting the item in the hydrogen peroxide solution.


That you can use denture cleaners to remove hard water/calcium stains in your commodes! All you have to do is drop one table in the commode and allow it to fizz. Let stand for about ten to fifteen minutes, flush and clean as usual. Use denture cleaner once weekly and watch your hard water stains disappear!


That placing used dryer sheets in your new and used books can ward off that musty paper smell! Just place a couple of used sheets in each book and you are good to go!



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Many Uses of Lemon Juice

Make your glass table sparkle! If you are having trouble getting your glass table to shine, then the solution is lemon juice. Make a solution of lemon juice and warm water to wash the glass, then dry glass table with a clean cloth. You can polish glass with used newspaper to remove any residue and lint. Mission accomplished, your glass table is sparkling clean!


If you ever have trouble with rust stains in your clothes, here is a simple solution that many of us have forgotten. Squeeze lemon juice directly on the rust stain, then sprinkle salt over the area. Place clothing in wash basin with the stained area facing up. Place basin in direct sunlight until stains disappear. Wash as usual.


Do you just hate those stains in your marble tables and surfaces? Simply squeeze lemon juice on the stained area and rub it in with a soft cloth. Once the stain ‘lifts’, wash surface with mineral oil. Dry surface with a clean soft cloth.